At Jukebox Senior Photography we LOVE to have fun.  We are fun loving, easy going, creative spirits.  Every so often we come up with a new project that we want to complete.  The project of September was a powder paint “fight”…unfortunately, the paint was a “Pinterest Fail”.  Fortunately, we had a blast anyway!

I (Suzy) am notorious for saying “I can make that”…just ask my husband.  I attribute this trait to my mother.  So naturally when we decided to do a powder paint fight, I said “I can make that.”  Later that evening I looked on Pinterest for how to make powder paint just like they use in the Color Run.  I followed the directions to a T.  The powder looked great and just like the Pinterest photo when it was complete! We were so excited to try it out. Within the first 5 seconds we noticed it wasn’t sticking to our clothes or bodies (insert Pinterest fail), but we continued to “fight” anyway.  LOL

Below are the results of our pinterest fail.

A big thank you to Bekah’s nanny (Halee) for taking these photos!

jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0020

jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0022

jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0021jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0025jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0024jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0023jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0027

jukebox senior photography champaign illinois_0026


What we should have looked like….